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Updated: Oct 5, 2021


First I want to remind all why I embrace Pastor Geek.

It is not because of technology, although God has blessed me with an understanding of that.

Geek definition - A person who is intensely interested in a particular field.

I am passionate about the Bible, what is says, how it has changed my life, and helping others find the same. I regularly geek out on the Bible. I love studying it, memorizing it, and digging through every bit of it.

What from subscribing?

What I hope to do is to ignite in those reading this that same passion and interest to determine for themselves what the Bible has to say.

I agree with what Pastor Rick Warren said during the opening of the Museum of the Bible… “ We do not need to defend the Bible, the Bible speaks for itself “. The Bible is a life changing book like no other.

I want to limit my words but provide you with guidance and a path that you can take through scripture that will show you the Living Word as you may never have seen it before. I don’t want to give you the answers but help you see the answers for yourself in the Bible.

So get ready to dig into the Bible.

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I started this to equip others to read the Bible, reading that it sounds like it would be a daunting task.  It is not, however, most people find the Bible intimidating.  In reality reading the Bible, and most importantly applying it to your life, is not a complicated process.

I pray that you find the information and resources here helpful.


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