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Resource List

Study Guide - Proverbs Ch 3

This guide will take you deeper into reading the wisdom scriptures. Looking at how the lines relate to each other and determining how that affects what it is saying to you.

Answers In Genesis

We focus on providing answers to questions about the Bible—particularly the book of Genesis—regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth.

Application / Testimony Guide

This resource will aide you in writing down how God wants you to respond to a given group of scriptures or topics that you have been looking at over a period of time. It will aide you in documenting your journey through the scriptures as well as provide you with documenting any testimonies you have in this area.

Biographical Study - Mothers

This resource is focused on mothers, however the same format can be applied to any person in scripture you choose to study.

Developing a Prayer Life Week 2

Prayer can be based on God's glory. God is not like any other; His attributes set Him apart from all others; His glory must be acknowledged. We should be certain not to give His glory to another or take it for ourselves.

Does God give up on me?

Have you ever wondered about this? Perhaps you have heard someone say this. Whatever the reason, this resource provides you with some scripture that you can dig into to uncover the truth of God's Word for yourself. You can use this resource with the topical study guide or scripture verse mapping guide.

Does God want us to be happy?

This study guide will provide you with some initial verses on this topic and provide a process for you to read scripture for yourself and determine what God has to say about happiness.

Family - Scriptures

Partial list of scriptures related to family

How to Be with your attitude

Beatitude Study

Scripture List on Authority

This is a partial list to get your started for doing a topical study on authority.

Please remember this is just a list to get you started not to provide you with all the scriptures.

Spiritual Leadership - Scriptures

List of scriptures to get you started on your journey of finding what the Bible has to say about Spiritual Leadership.

Step 1 - Nativity Guide

This guide is designed to provide you with information and process for reading the history of the birth of Jesus.

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