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May 15, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM


Digging into the Bible about Families


Scripture References

Family - What is it?

While the Bible does not have a word that directly corresponds to our word family, it does refer to house, and household. This term is used for a building or the people who live in it. The focus is on the social and economic unit as a household. As you look at the scriptures consider all that is included in the family. Who is listed as being in that house, household, or clan?

Family - Why is it important?

When we look at the topic of family and you are gong through the scriptures, stop and consider how was God acting in the lives of those mentioned? What purpose can you find in a given passage for 'Family'?

There are over 649 references that may be found when performing a word or topical study on Family. I have provide a list of some of those that may be helpful. Do not however hesitate to go beyond the list. In addition to the list you will find that the Topical Study guide will help in guiding you through the study of scriptures.

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